Hi, we’re Venn. We’re a recruiting agency and talent consultancy designed to put the human back into hiring. How, you might ask? Through our refreshingly personal approach, grounded in our belief that a person’s greatest potential lives at the intersection of their talent and passion.

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At Venn, our mission is to help people find their dream jobs and companies their dream people.

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How we transform careers and companies.


Experience review, skill analysis, passion discovery, employment landscape evaluation, and eventual placement. 


Skill assessment, résumé and portfolio makeovers, predictive training recommendations, gap analysis, and interview coaching.


Interactive human-first workshops designed to translate business objectives into effective workforce strategies.

For Candidates

Find Your Dream Job.

Getting hired at a job you love is all about finding the one thing that makes you stand out from the rest. The special something that turns you from a nice-to-have into a must-have. We discover this through our in-depth vetting, interviewing, and placement process, and all of it is geared toward one goal — making sure you land your dream job.

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For CLients

Discover your dream team.

As a company, your growth depends on having the right people in the right roles. But that’s not going to happen unless you know what your options look like. Enter Venn and the Venn Quotient — our proprietary eight-pronged approach to mastering talent acquisition so you can hire your dream team.

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In Their Own Words

Happy Humans

"During my job hunt, Jaime stood out right away compared to other recruiters. Not only was she responsive and genuinely interested in my goals, but she shared a lot about herself, too, which put me at ease and created a true connection between us. Because of her kind, relatable nature, I had a strong sense of who she was as a person, which made it easy for me to put my trust in her and believe that she'd find the perfect fit for me."


Senior Copywriter

"Working with Jaime was easy and enjoyable. She responded quickly to all my questions, putting me at ease through the entire hiring process. Jaime knew exactly what the company needed both in skills and culture. With a couple friendly conversations Jaime was able to figure out that I was a great fit for the job. Jaime found me my dream job."


Senior Engineer

"Working with Jaime, one thing became quite clear: I am terrible with finding talent. I've never seen someone execute something perfectly over, and over, and over again like she does with recruiting. She has an instinct that is unmatched."


Creative Director

"I was in the process of having a lot of interviews at the time and I wasn’t looking forward to yet another one. Jaime immediately made me feel comfortable and like I wasn’t interviewing. I got to talk to her human-to-human. After I initially declined to come in for another interview because I wanted to take another job, Jaime’s email note to me was so sweet and caring that it made me want to work with her so I backtracked accepting my offer just to come in and meet with her. I wouldn’t have done that with anyone else."


Executive Admin

"Jaime was one of the few recruiters that I felt like I was collaborating with; so many recruiters want you to say how high when they say jump. Coming out of college, it was exhausting doing the horse and pony show to prove why I was the right candidate for the job, and I felt most recruiters leaned into that position of leverage. Jaime was the first recruiter that made me feel like an equal in the process; I didn't feel like I was trying to apply for a job, I felt like she was helping me understand if the opportunities presented were the right place for my career."


Paid Media Specialist
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It’s about finding the right fit, no matter what side of the table you’re on.

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